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Welcome to the Qualified Entity Certification Program (QECP) for Medicare Data

QECP welcomes any entities that would like to participate in, learn more about, or assess their capability to function as a “qualified entity” (QE) under section 10332 of the Affordable Care Act. The amended section 1874 of the Social Security Act will allow qualified entities to receive standardized extracts of Medicare claims data under Parts A, B, and D for the evaluation of the performance of providers of services and suppliers.  Prior to receipt of data, interested entities must complete an application and provide evidence of their ability to function as a QE as defined in the Final Rule for the Availability of Medicare Data for Performance Measurement

To get started, please review the general information about QECP and follow the steps outlined to apply for QE certification and receive Medicare data for performance measurement.

To review more information, such as QECP program policies and standards, download the QECP 2016 Operations Manual. We recommend to register in order to receive all QECP program changes and updates.

To review QECP training materials (e.g., webinars, instructional videos, slides, etc.), please visit the training page.

QECP Team  

QECP is now on Twitter!  Follow us at @QEMedicareData for regular updates regarding the QECP program. We will tweet about new program information, upcoming webinars and conference participation, as well as links to material from CMS, QECP partners, and certified Qualified Entities. Follow us today!​​

News and Events

7/7/2016 - Updated FAQs and tip sheets (FAQ 46) released reflecting recent program changes 

7/1/2016 - Register now for the upcoming 7/8/2016 webinar discussing the permissible uses of QE data under the QE Program!  

7/1/2016 - CMS announces the release of the Final Rule to implement Section 105 of MACRA. 

6/3/2016 – 2016 Operations Manual released

1/29/2016- CMS Releases the NPRM to Implement Section 105 of MACRA 

12/16/2015- CMS announces approval of the second nationwide QE, Amino

7/10/2015- 2015 Operations Manual released

11/17/2014- HealthInsight releases its first public report including Medicare FFS data for 3 community rates!

10/2/2014- 2014 Operations Manual released

8/26/2014- Q Corp releases its first public provider performance report that includes Medicare FFS data! (Q Corp Press Release and CMS Blog)

6/17/2014- CMS certifies HCCI as the first national QE!

4/14/2014- CMS Announces its First QE CBE: NCQA!

8/6/2013- CMS announces 4 additional QEs!

7/31/2013- The Medicare Data Sharing Program was recently highlighted in two publications prepared by The Commonwealth Fund and Health Affairs Blog.

2/20/2013- QECP is on Twitter.  Follow us at @QEMedicareData.

1/7/2013- QE CBEC accepting application

11/21/2012- CMS announces the first 3 QEs! 

11/16/2012- QECP Application Process 2012/13

1/9/2012- QECP accepting applications

12/7/2011- Data Sharing rule released


QECP Helpdesk​

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