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Medicare Data Sharing Qualified Entity Program (QE): Consensus-Based Entity Certification (CBEC) Program


The Consensus-Based Entity Certification (CBEC) program allows qualified applicants to obtain CMS approval to become certified Consensus-Based Entities (CBEs) under the Medicare Data Sharing Qualified Entity (QE) program. As explained in the Final Rule for the Availability of Medicare Data for Performance Measurement, CMS-approved CBEs may endorse performance measures as standard QE measures for use by certified QEs in their comparative provider reporting activities. Entities interested in becoming a CBE must meet the QE CBEC minimum program requirements and submit an application with supporting documentation demonstrating that all QE CBEC minimum requirements are met.

Requirements and Application Process

The QE CBEC program requirements and the supporting evidence are described in the QE CBEC Application Package and include:

  • QE CBEC program minimum requirements
  • Step-by-step instructions for completing an application to become a certified CBE
  • Application review timeline
  • Instructions for submitting a completed application and uploading supporting documentation
  • A PDF-fillable application form.


Slides from the QE CBEC Webinar held on June 13, 2013 are available here.

Certified Consensus-Based Entities

Name of QE CBE

Date of QE CBE Certification

 National Committee for Quality Assurance

April 22, 2014




Standard QE Measures

Measures developed and/or approved/endorsed by QE CBEs are considered standard measures under the QE program. The list of measures may be found here.


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QE CBEC News and Events

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6/13/2013- QE CBEC webinar slides

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